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Since I know how lucky I am to be meeting these amazing men in October, I felt I should do something nice.
So, here’s my something nice.
I am going to buy a blank notebook and fill it with messages and loads of fun stuff from everyone  and then when I meet BVB, I’ll give it to them.
Basically if you have a message for them, inbox me the message, your name and anything else you may want includes (like your twitter or where you’re from)
I’m sure by now, everyone knows I have loads of blogs for BVB so just inbox me on one of them and I’ll make sure to include as many of your guys messages as possible!!
Any questions, also just inbox me!!
I’ll make another post when I’ve finished it c:
Please reblog so that everyone in the BVB army can see!! 

please keep sending me messages, I’ll only stop accepting them on 14th of October!! (I meet them on the 15th) I’ll include every single one just inbox me your message and your name and if you want to include where you are from or even an email idk anything you want and I’ll include it c:


Outbreak Tour - 2013
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